At The Basel School of Business, we combine the student-centered focus, personalized attention, and close-knit community of a private liberal arts college with the diversity, engagement and excitement of a modern, urban university.



The BSB Advantage


Academic Excellence

The cornerstone of every program is the academic philosophy of Practical Experiential LearningTM. This focus on the relevance of modern business theories and their application to real-world best practices ensures a deeper understanding and a high level of integration of the material. Our classes are taught by highly qualified and respected professors who are passionate about education. They are professionals who bring the world of business to life and inspire students through their genuine interest in life-long learning. And, because of our small class sizes of 6 - 10 students, they know more than just your name. They know your strengths, your challenges and your goals. They know you.


A Personalized Experience

The undergraduate and graduate degrees offer you the flexibility to design a program suited to your individual needs. Choose the specialization that best suits your objectives, or work with your professors to design a customized program that helps you to achieve your career goals. At the graduate level, flexible timetabling allows you to continue your education while balancing your personal and professional life. Choosing the fast-track option allows you to complete your degree at an accelerated rate. Because professors have a high level of engagement with the class, they can tailor each course to the needs of their students.


A Collaborative Learning Environment

Small classes of 6 - 10 students encourage active engagement with professors and peers, while ensuring individualized attention and support. This community environment helps to form lifelong friendships. In order to develop the social "soft skills" which are very much in demand by employers, assignments and assessments are developed which include significant teamwork, leadership and delegation. The campus offers group spaces, such as the student lounge, which encourage socialization and collaboration. The learning environment also extends beyond the classroom. Through excursions, internships and guest lectures, you develop a deeper understanding of how management theory is best applied in the modern business world.


A Global Perspective

In today’s international and multicultural organizations, having an in-depth understanding of international markets, trends and cultural shifts is key to your success. By integrating a global perspective into every course, we encourage you to approach each challenge from an international perspective. Our international faculty brings a global perspective to each course, teaching you to think beyond borders while our multicultural student body enriches classroom discussions with a diversity of viewpoints.


Linked with Industry

Our programs have been specifically designed in close collaboration with industry leaders to ensure that your degree is relevant, up-to-date and tailored to the needs of the job market.  Continuous collaboration provides an integration of real-world best practices into the classroom. Internship placements at local businesses offer the opportunity to put theory into practice. Workshops, guest lecture series and industry visits provide networking opportunities with industry leaders and future employers.


Located In The Heart Of Basel

The city of Basel is located at the meeting point of three European nations, Switzerland, France and Germany, and is an important business center for many multi-national corporations. The city hosts exciting events throughout the year, from the extravagant Baselworld jewelry fair to the world-renowned three day carnival Fasnacht. With its unique blend of culture, nature, industry and charm, Basel always offers something for everyone.

We are ideally located in the heart of the city, opposite the main train station, making us easily accessible from all corners of the city. France, Germany and the international airport are just quick ride away. And, as an organization founded and run by Basel locals, we are committed to sharing with our students an understanding and appreciation of the culture and industries that make our city so dynamic. 


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