The BSBA prepares you for a variety of dynamic and exciting career opportunities by providing you with a solid business education that is deeply rooted in a liberal arts tradition. It allows you to grow intellectually, emotionally and professionally, ensuring you have the skills necessary to become a future business leader.

The innovative approach of the Bachelor's degree ensures that every aspect of the program has been developed to prepare you to meet the needs of prospective employers.  We begin by fostering a collaborative environment, the information centers around real-world knowledge, and learning is reinforced by memorable experiences.



Students Working Together

A Collaborative Environment

The learning process starts with creating a safe and open environment that encourages peer-to-peer interaction in analyzing complex problems. Class time is energized through interactive discussions. Many assignments are team-based, facilitating cognitive flexibility and communications skills. Outside of the classroom, students work on their projects together in relaxed group-spaces like the student lounge. This collaborative approach gives students the courage to take risks and the confidence to support their positions.



Real-World Knowledge

Learning is structured around complex real-world challenges, demanding realistic and innovative solutions. Assignments are carefully designed to replicate the tasks that students will be asked to do in the real-world.  For example, for their Financial Accounting class, Erick and Andrew “kept the books” of their own microbusiness at Markthalle and then evaluated its performance. This real-world project-based learning model gives students an appreciation of the complexity of actual issues and prepares them for life after graduation.



Memorable Experiences

Knowledge is reinforced and the learning process is solidified through shared experiences. Excursions like those to Expo Milano and the Economic Conference in Aix-en-Provence broaden students’ horizons. Meeting with innovators and business leaders gives students new and creative insights. Visits to companies like Feldschlösschen and Peugeot Citroën allow students to truly experience business in action. These experiences are not only academically beneficial, but also build social bonds, forging relationships which last a lifetime.  




Admissions Requirements

  • Matura, IB, Abitur or Equivalent
  • English Proficiency
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation
  • Personal Interview

BSBA At A Glance

  • 180 ECTS / 90 US Credits
  • 2 Entry Dates (August and January)
  • 11 Liberal Arts Courses
  • 14 Business Foundation Courses
  • 5 Specialization Courses
  • 3 Years Duration
  • Class Size 8 - 10 Students


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