The DBA program provides students with fundamental knowledge about the science of management with a special focus on research methods, including quantitative and qualitative methods. The skills that students acquire during the Program include:


  • The vision to recognize important and unexplored business issues.

  • A capacity to develop research questions.

  • The ability to use a variety of research methods to collect, analyze and present data.

  • The ability to able to create knowledge that is of theoretical and practical significance.

  • An ethical attitude when designing and conducting research.

  • The networking skills required to work in collaboration with the business community.

  • The writing skills required to present the new ideas and body of knowledge in a coherent way following the standards of major management journals.

  • The presentation skills required to disseminate their work in professional conferences at national and international levels.


The DBA is a 3 to 4 year part-time program. The first stage (2 years) is devoted to developing the research proposal. During the second stage (1 - 2 years), students focus on supervised research and writing their dissertation.


Years 1 & 2: Research & Discipline Specific Courses

This stage includes the study of fundamental disciplines from which management research draws to provide students with a variety of theoretical backgrounds and help them crystallize their research interests. During this stage, students will take methodological courses to develop their quantitative and analytical skills, including a full range of methodologies: field research, case studies, simulations and experimental research

  • Applied Research Project Design

  • Quantitative Methodologies

  • Qualitative Methodologies


- - - plus an area of specialization by taking courses such as  - - -

  • Seminar in Accounting & Financial Research

  • Seminar in Global Issues in Business: Sustainability Research

  • Seminar in Strategic Management Research

  • Seminar in Transformational Marketing Research


Dissertation Phase

In the Second Stage of the DBA Program, Students are expected to work in their Dissertation with an exhaustive supervision of the Advisor. There are two main academic acts before the student is being granted the DBA degree. The Dissertation Proposal Defense and the Dissertation Final Oral Defense.





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