Minimesters are intensive, excursion based courses that are offered during semester breaks. The number of credit hours earned depends upon the duration of the course. A typical 3 credit course will last approximately 2 weeks, while a 2 credit course may be offered over a long weekend.  Minimester courses offer the same amount of information and materials as the full-term courses, only presented in an accelerated format off-site.

Secondary School Students and University Students from outside of BSB who are in good standing with their home institution may attend undergraduate level minimesters. Graduate Students from outside of BSB who are in good standing with their home institution may attend graduate level minimesters

Credit applies toward BSB degrees, and visiting students may earn credit at their university, depending upon their major and institutional credit transfer policy.

If you would like to join us for a Minimester course, send us a quick message. The form is right here on this page.


The History of Italian Art and Its Impact on Modern Marketing

6 ECTS / 3 US Credits; Undergraduate

Our one-week Italian journey takes us through three regions, and three distinct areas of Italian history. In Rome we'll examine the use of art and entertainment as marketing throughout the Classical Age. In Florence we trace the spread of Humanism during the Italian Renaissance through the use of rhetoric, poetry and artistic expression. Finally, in Milan, we explore the modern Italian designer brands to see how Italian culture continues to influence product development and the communications they use to market those products.
Outside the Colosseum



Walking in the Footsteps of Giants: Power and Politics from the Greek Philosophers to The Organizations of Today

6 ECTS / 3 US Credits; Undergraduate

Theories such as the organization of political life, justice and equality, and the relationship between ethical behavior and political ambition are as relevant today as they were when Plato first discussed them over 2,400 years ago. We’ll go Greece, where it all began, to explore the evolution of concepts like Power, Influence, Self-Promotion and Altruism. We’ll also discuss these concepts as the apply to Greece’s role within the EU, as well at how these forces are used within organizations. 



Rencontres Économiques d'Aix-en-Provence

2 ECTS / 1 US Credit; Graduate; May be repeated

Each summer we travel for a 3-day weekend to Provence for the Economics conference in Aix which hosts debates and panel discussion amongst leaders in business, academia and government from around the world. The objective of the Economics weekend is to discuss how economic and political forces are shaping the real-world environment. The topics vary each year, but always reflect the interconnectedness of the modern business world.






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